Initiatives & News

Initiatives & News

Housing at Emerson College

As you may know, Emerson College is restructuring its activities and facilities in preparation for a new phase of renewal and development. With fewer full-time and more modular courses, our requirement for both staff and student accommodation is much reduced, so we are diversifying the use and ownership of our premises at Pixton to include a Living and Learning Community of
residents who are committed to supporting and participating in the life of the College.

Such people will be able to buy properties on the site, whose occupancy is restricted to Community members. Properties will be sold on long (999-year) leases, with the freehold resting in a jointly owned lessees’ management company, Pixton Park  Association. One house has already been sold into this new structure, and another is available now We are also preparing a planning application for permission to convert two of our currently underutilised student hostels into apartments and small terrace houses. This will provide initially a range of 9 further units of accommodation, with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms in each.

Before advertising these properties more widely we wanted to let friends of the College know about this unique opportunity to make a home at Emerson, which is already attracting much attention. If you or someone you know might be interested in this, please do get in touch. We anticipate it will be summer 2017 before the apartments are ready for occupation, but intend to
agree the sales well in advance for those able to make a commitment.

Steve Briault
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Pixton 3rd Age Project

As part of the continuing development of Emerson College’s ‘Living and Learning Community’, attention is now turning to the future use of Pixton , the Grade 11 listed house which has been associated so closely with the history of the College over the past 50 years.

The College’s plans for the future involve redevelopment and enlargement of Ruskin Hall to include many of the current functions housed in Pixton, including kitchen, dining rooms, a new café area, meeting rooms and library. This would free up Pixton for an alternative use to meet the current needs.

Within the Forest Row Area, in recent years there has been a clear need expressed for some form of supported accommodation for older people which can offer more than just a basic room and a communal lounge where the T.V. is never switched off. Emerson College, together with the Anthroposophical Society in Sussex and the St Anthony’s Trust has formed a project group to look at
the possibilities of converting Pixton into a different kind of sheltered residential accommodation, which we are calling Pixton Third Age Project. The aim is to offer older people attractive small flats for independent living but also access to all the cultural facilities and beautiful grounds of the college – with the added bonus of being part of the Emerson community.

This project is at an early stage but we already envisage the possibility of 10-12 units with a warden and call system, with a range of optional services such as cleaning, laundry and meals.

The next stage for the project group is to undertake two studies: one to prepare pre-application plans and drawings to go to Wealden DC Planners; the second is to prepare the business case for the purchase, conversion and ongoing maintenance of Pixton as sheltered accommodation. To do this we need to raise around £4K to cover the associated costs of these studies.

The project group would like to hear from anyone:
a) who would be interested in living in sheltered accommodation in Pixton?
b) who has professional expertise to offer in the terms of project management, care management, fund raising or business development and who would be willing to help bringing the project to fruition?
c) who would like to donate towards establishing a seed fund for the ongoing project costs?

Please contact Eva Davies email: