Initiatives & News

Initiatives & News


Dear Course and Event Organisers,

You will be interested to hear that we are embarking on an intensive renovation scheme which will make for a much more pleasant living environment for our guests and students. We have finished major work in Birch and Maple: the old bathrooms and toilets have been replaced with 3 showers and 3 toilets in each house and everything has been redecorated. This follows the double glazing we carried out previously. Currently, we are upgrading 20 bedrooms in Linden with sound insulation, repainting, new showers and floors. By mid-April this will be completed.

We will roll out more improvements on the site to make sure that your course participants find the best possible facilities. The feedback we receive from participants tells us that they value the freshly cooked meals with vegetables grown in our own and local biodynamic gardens and the peaceful grounds which help everybody to connect with nature. Our beautiful natural environment is infused with years and years of artistic work by students of storytelling, painting and sculpture. New students are able to slow down and open themselves up to new experiences leading to true self development.

As a thank you for staying with us in the past we will give you a reduction of 20% on the rent for a classroom for any new bookings if booked by the end of April 2017. This applies to bookings for the period up to 15 September 2017. Please contact Leticia for availability on

With warm wishes,

Leticia Armengood, events manager, and Yvette Dellsperger, director, on behalf of the Emerson team +44 (0)1342 827952



Fake news and the marketing of lies, the promotion of fear and aggressive nationalism, and the selling of empty personalities as leaders have given rise to the term ‘post-truth’ to describe the age in which we are now living.

As we cannot rely on external sources to learn the truth and find our orientation, we are challenged to find deeper resources to help us discern and navigate the social, political and economic upheavals of our time.

How can we practise our soul capacities to become active witnesses to that which lives in the world and use the resources that Rudolf Steiner has given to help find our feet and our path within the chaos?

Our guest speakers at the Summer Conference are Dr Christopher Schaefer from the U.S.A., Joan Sleigh , member of the Executive Council, Goetheanum and Gerald Haefner, leader of the Social Sciences Section, Goetheanum

Small group work and artistic workshops will further explore and deepen the conference theme. In the late afternoon sessions, members will share from their personal and professional experience in various fields of innovative work. And on Thursday evening, there will be a performance of a new play about Rudolf Steiner’s effort to bring new social forms into a war-torn Europe a hundred years ago.

Marjatta von Boeschoten, Sybil Eichstaedt and Adrian Locher.


Dr Christopher Schaefer, Joan Sleigh, Gerald Hoefner, Signe Schaefer, Dr Saskia Renkema, Wendy Cook.

Artistic Workshops

EURYTHMY ~ Finding our balance between Form and Chaos ~ Wendy Hayn

PAINTING ~ The Inner landscape ~ Liri Filippini

CREATIVE WRITING ~ The Word Within ~ Peter Howe

BIOGRAPHY ~ using the Other to find the Self ~ Jane Chase

TRANSFORMATIVE MOVEMENT ~ What ‘Future Story’ do you wish to embody? – Anam Cara Bowen

DRAMA ~ Encountering thresholds and expressing this through drama ~ Michael Burton and Ryan Kouroukis

For booking enquires and further information please contact Emerson College tel: 01342 822238